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9 Less Known but Attention-Grabbing Spots in



1 – Underground Tour

Much of the rest of the city was burned in the great fire of 1889, so Seattle is still underground.When rebuilt in the late last century, they did it on top of the existing city.You can visit the ancient city buried in Bill Speidel's Underground Tour.

2 – Music and Science Fiction

The Seattle music scene is famous, but there is a fairly new attraction in Seattle's Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum.According to its website, ‘EMP | SFM is the meeting point between music and science fiction, an unforgettable experience.

3 – Orcas Island

A dream location about 45 minutes from Seattle, Orcas is considered the jewel of the San Juan Islands. The San Juan Islands are part of an archipelago off the northwest coast of the United States. The archipelago consists of 450 islands, but less than one sixth are inhabited and only six of them are accessible by public ferry. To get to Orcas Island to Anacortes you must handle, a small town about 80 miles north of Seattle, take the ferry station in Washington State Ferries from Anacortes and enjoy the ride that lasts about an hour.

4 – Passion for Coffee

Coffee and Seattle have a perfect marriage. No other city in the United States identifies with the coffee as this city and this is a well-deserved reputation, Seattle Coffee is not just a morning eye-opener. Locals generally have a coffee in their hands at any time of day or night. For a coffee experience in Seattle, visit Seattle on foot and take the two-hour tour called The Coffee Crawl and delight with the best coffee in the country.

5 – Seattle Central Library

This stunning architectural jewel consisting of eleven floors and 56 meters high was designed in 1999 by the Office for Metropolitan Architecture, led by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas.Its glass and steel facade, inspired by the Stealth technology, and interior design in the form of overlapping boxes make this library a must-visit.

6 – Cutter's Bayhouse

Probably one of the best restaurants of seafood delicacies from around the northwest at really affordable prices, it is located within walking distance of Pike Place Market, therefore, offers the freshest products possible. Cutter Bayhouse is located at 2001 Western Ave.

7 – An International Thay

Visitors and locals of Seattle have the unique opportunity to take a ferry ride from the Puget Sound to Victoria, Canada. If you have your passport in order, this is an adventure not to be missed. Start your journey in All Seattle Tours.

8 – Inn at El Gaucho

Upon entering the Inn at El Gaucho in the ultra-hip district of Seattle Belltown, you come to a cozy, minimalist with excellent taste and rooms where no spare or missing anything. The service is impeccable in the middle of an area full of details such as posters Gauchos and the delicious aroma of the restaurant that filters through the corridors creating a very particular attraction.

9 – Tapas in the Black Bottle

An informal tavern where good food is the order and the drinks are reasonably priced. Each dish is freshly prepared with local ingredients. The atmosphere is nice and tidy, with modern design in an old building over a century. It is an ideal place for group and couples.

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